chewytriforce asked: aayyyy that one drawing of olivier and alex (lol it's hilarious) is getting really popular!

OMG THIS SO LATE SORRY, CHEWY and thaaaanks :)

Anonymous asked: you are beautiful I love you!

awwee omg THANK YOU ;v; but are you referring to my physical appearance?? if so howwww?? :o

LONG TIME NO POST IM SO SORRY GUYS IVE BEEN GONE FOR SO LONG BECAUSE LATELY IVE BEEN SO OCCUPIED WITH SO MANY THINGS IM SO SORRY I FEEL SO BAD AND THAT IVE PROBABLY DISAPPOINTED PEOPLE ;-; it’s hard to believe that i haven’t been on tumblr for like 3-4 months and wow it makes me so sad. i haven’t done much drawing in that amount of time so IM SORRY IF I GOT WORSE omg T^T i’m going to try to do a huuuuuuuge sketch do to make up for that period of time i was gone sorry. i just drew these pictures of miranda sings really fast because GUHHHHH im sO SORRY.

Track: bubble tea song [extended version]
Artist: Youngjae
Album: BAP Attack - Taipei






can you read it?????????????????

You should work on voice acting in EA for Sims 4

i leave this on in the background like music love it

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